1.History Profile
 The department, providing undergraduate courses only, was founded in 1968. The masters and doctoral programs were later offered in 1991 and 1997, respectively. Currently, the department has seventeen full-time and seven part-time faculties. Ever since the founding, approximately three thousand students graduated and then moved on to engage in various careers highly respected by their employers.
2.Educational Aims
1.Cultivate specialized historians.
2.Educate versatile humanists.
3.Train professional teachers specializing in history.
4.Enrich students’employment abilities.
3.Academic Orientations
 According to the academic interests and specialties of the faculty, the department is further divided into four sections:
1.Chinese Social and Economic History.
2.Chinese Foreign Relations and History of the World.
3.Historiography and Thought History.
4.Taiwanese History.
 There are currently forty-two rooms allotted to the department, including three office rooms, one library, one conference room, one computer room, one audio-visual classroom and one editing room. Apart from those, there are twenty-four faculty study rooms, four seminar rooms, one study room for PhD students and two for graduate students, one equipment room and one tea room.
5.Equipments and Facilities
 All rooms are air-conditioned and computerized with internet. Moreover, the department is facilitated with various image-processing and audio-visual machines, such as laptops, projectors, video and digital cameras, DVD machines and scanners, for teachers and students academic use. For the development of the study of audio-visual history, the department has set up a special dedicated classroom and an editing room, thus enhancing students’ abilities in recording/editing historical films and documentaries.
 The school library at present has a collection of more than sixty-thousand volumes on history in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and western languages. Besides those, the departmental library contains numerous periodicals: 16 kinds in Chinese, 30 kinds in western languages, 65 kinds from the Mainland China and 15 kinds in Japanese. In addition, there are also 700 micro-films and 1,200 pieces of audio-visual software.
7.Service and Research
 The department publishes two academic journals, namely, “Journal of Hsing-da History”, and “Chung-Hsing History”. International symposiums are frequently held to elevate the department’s academic research and teaching quality. Besides academic research, members of the department are also engaged in various social services, such as compiling local history, business history, and community investigation, etc...
 There are currently 654 students studying in the department, including 27 PhD students, 67 graduate students and 283 undergraduate students. The extension program has 229 undergraduate students and 48 graduate students. The undergraduate and postgraduate students organize their own student unions separately and hold diverse activities such as freshmen camps, history performances, book fairs and art camps. Students of the department are quite active in sports too, and have won a lot of trophies at various athletic competitions.
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